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11 PR & Marketing Ideas for Halloween

October 2017, Issue #3

Featured Post
11 PR & Marketing Ideas for Halloween
Halloween offers substantial PR and marketing opportunities even to businesses that don't sell candy or costumes. Almost any business can find a way to create a Halloween-themed marketing or PR campaign that creates traffic, sales and good will. Read More »

Is PR Embracing New Technologies Fast Enough?
Many PR pros resist adopting new technologies and instead rely on old-school communications tools, new research reports. PR's sluggishness in embracing new technology could endanger the profession's future, some assert. However, attitudes of PR people toward new technology are not nearly as bad as some critics claim. Read More »
The Pitfall of Too Many Metrics, Too Much Data
Tracking too many metrics is one of the most common PR measurement errors. Oodles of metrics can produce overwhelming amounts of data and require substantial resources to track and analyze the results. Too often, overabundance of metrics impedes insights that improve business outcomes. Read More »
4 PR Takeaways from Major Media Trends
Recent Pew Research Center reports provide a deep look into today's changing digital media landscape. With this overview of key trends, PR and marketing can better understand and prepare for changes to come. Read More »
New Instagram Polls Provide Effective Marketing Tool
Image source: Instagram
The ability to poll Instagram followers proves a valuable new PR and marketing tactic. Through simple polling questions, marketers can boost engagement, learn more about their audiences and develop deeper relationships that can ultimately lead to more sales. Read More »
Facebook Refers Less Website Traffic - Publishers Seek Other Options
As referral traffic from Facebook declines, organizations are trying to diversify their marketing strategies beyond the largest social media network. Their experience highlights the dangers of building on rented digital land. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Win More Media Mentions with Data Public Relations
Journalists have embraced data journalism. Their fondness for data-driven stories offers public relations teams a sizable opportunity. PR teams can analyze public databases, their company's internal data, and social media to uncover insights that will gain the attention of journalists. Original surveys can produce interesting new data that's highly relevant to news sources in most any PR niche. Read More »
New Research: Your Competitors PR Crisis Also Damages Your Companys Reputation
Image source: Mike Mozart via Flickr
The Wells Fargo PR crisis damaged reputations of other large banks, new research shows. The finding shows that one company's scandal can impact an entire industry. Astute PR pros can protect their brands by continually monitoring public sentiment and distinguishing themselves from wayward competitors. Read More »
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