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The Value of Broadcast News Monitoring for PR Agencies: Win New Clients & Impress Current Ones

October 2017, Issue #4

Featured Post
The Value of Broadcast News Monitoring for PR Agencies: Win New Clients & Impress Current Ones
Broadcast news monitoring can help PR agencies win new clients and greatly improve services to current clients. Despite the recent acceptance of online news, television remains the most popular source for news. Monitoring of TV news is a must-have service for agencies serving major corporations. Read More »

10 Steps to Obtain Quality Guest Blog Post Submissions
Image source: Joe the Goat Farmer
Many writers submit guest blogs with low-quality, duplicative content containing spammy links to disreputable websites. These recommended steps will help you screen out undesirable submissions and attract quality content from guest bloggers. Read More »
The Business Case for Greater Ethnic & Racial Diversity in PR & Marketing
Lack of diversity on PR and marketing agency teams increases the risk of image-damaging blunders. Team members from different backgrounds can more readily spot potentially offensive marketing ideas and prevent a PR crisis. Read More »
Should Your Company Adopt Facebook Workplace for Business Communications?
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
While options for business communications abound, more agencies may consider Facebook Workplace now that multi-company groups allow users to include people from other organizations. Read More »
Companies Amp up Podcasting
Corporate podcasting is finally coming into its own as a PR and marketing tool. More companies, including small to mid-size organizations, are rolling out informative podcasts for consumers and B2B buyers. Audio studios are opening to serve their needs. Read More »
New Research: Earnings Call Obfuscations Cause Stock Declines - Candid Explanation Builds Trust
Convoluted language during earnings calls often precedes declines in stock prices, research reveals. The research shows that PR and public affairs professionals need to advocate strongly for clear communications in earnings announcements and analyst calls. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
11 PR & Marketing Ideas for Halloween
Halloween offers substantial PR and marketing opportunities even to businesses that don't sell candy or costumes. Almost any business can find a way to create a Halloween-themed marketing or PR campaign that creates traffic, sales and good will. Read More »
Is PR Embracing New Technologies Fast Enough?
Many PR pros resist adopting new technologies and instead rely on old-school communications tools, new research reports. PR's sluggishness in embracing new technology could endanger the profession's future, some assert. However, attitudes of PR people toward new technology are not nearly as bad as some critics claim. Read More »
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