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4 Social Media Strategies for PR & Marketing Agencies to Attract New Clients

October 2017, Issue #5

Featured Post
4 Social Media Strategies for PR & Marketing Agencies to Attract New Clients
PR & marketing agencies can gain clients by showing their prowess in using social media strategies themselves. To demonstrate their expertise to prospective clients, PR agencies must apply creative social media strategies to promote their social media expertise. Read More »

Twitter Cracks Down on Automated Direct Messages - Alternatives for Marketers
The common yet controversial practice of sending automated direct messages on Twitter is no longer a viable marketing strategy. Marketers who continue to send the automated messages to Twitter followers risk having their accounts suspended. Read More »
PR Personalities (And the Sameness Problem) You May Recognize
PR personalities fall into a small number categories, leading to PR campaigns and pitches that tend to resemble each other. Robot-like PR approaches are the norm. It's time for PR agencies recognize the value of mavericks and cultural diversity. Read More »
Trump Bump Drives Increased News Subscriptions - Implications for PR
Subscriptions to news media outlets have jumped, thanks in large part to President Trump. That could present an opportunity to PR professionals. Read More »
Marketing Implications of Facebook's Explore News Feed: Opportunity or Catastrophe?
Image source: BetaNews
Facebook's new Explore Feed may offer marketers an opportunity to reach new audiences. As reach on Facebook's traditional news feed disappears, being discovered on the Explore feed may become the only non-paid Facebook marketing option. Read More »
Corporate Execs Hop into Social Media, Hoping to Connect - How PR Can Help
As CEOs and other C-suite executives post more frequently on social media, corporate communications teams will gain a larger role. The best teams will educate executives about the benefits and risks of social media and balance the brand's message with the executives' personal voice. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
The Value of Broadcast News Monitoring for PR Agencies: Win New Clients & Impress Current Ones
Broadcast news monitoring can help PR agencies win new clients and greatly improve services to current clients. Despite the recent acceptance of online news, television remains the most popular source for news. Monitoring of TV news is a must-have service for agencies serving major corporations. Read More »
10 Steps to Obtain Quality Guest Blog Post Submissions
Image source: Joe the Goat Farmer
Many writers submit guest blogs with low-quality, duplicative content containing spammy links to disreputable websites. These recommended steps will help you screen out undesirable submissions and attract quality content from guest bloggers. Read More »
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