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11 Potent Reasons to Outsource Media Monitoring & Measurement

November 2017, Issue #1

Featured Post
11 Potent Reasons to Outsource Media Monitoring & Measurement
Image source: Nick Youngson via Creative Commons
Outsourcing media monitoring and measurement services creates crucial advantages over trying to develop media intelligence in house. Among the pluses: specialized expertise, advanced technology, objective analysis and, surprisingly, lower costs. Read More »

Do Longer Corporate Blog Posts Produce Better Content Marketing Results?
Corporate bloggers are writing long posts - sometimes extraordinarily long, according to a new survey. Many bloggers and PR pros say their long posts and articles generate better results. That indicates that greater investment in research and writing can lead to higher ROI. It doesn't necessarily mean, however, that long posts are always better. Read More »
Advanced Personalization: The Future of Effective Communications
Targeted communications that are personalized, relevant and useful create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth. Some say extreme personalization will dominate most all marketing channels in the near future. Read More »
How PR Strategies Can Save Influencer Marketing
Influencers risk losing authenticity as they mention or endorse more products and their fans grow tired of the sponsored posts. By following a PR-based earned media strategy, influencers can preserve authenticity while gaining substantial consumer acceptance for the mentioned brands. Read More »
The Case for Including Emotion Metrics in Assessing Social Media Mentions
Tapping into customers' emotions often produces the best marketing or PR results. That means it's critical to evaluate customer sentiment toward the product and your company when measuring social media. Read More »
Always On Data Analytics Produce Enhanced PR Measurement
PR needs to infuse data analytics into the entire process to gain the full benefit of PR measurement, experts say. An "always-on" approach — incorporating data into campaigns from start to finish — produces greater benefits from data analysis and enables PR to improve campaigns in progress. Read More »
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4 Social Media Strategies for PR & Marketing Agencies to Attract New Clients
PR & marketing agencies can gain clients by showing their prowess in using social media strategies themselves. To demonstrate their expertise to prospective clients, PR agencies must apply creative social media strategies to promote their social media expertise. Read More »
Twitter Cracks Down on Automated Direct Messages - Alternatives for Marketers
The common yet controversial practice of sending automated direct messages on Twitter is no longer a viable marketing strategy. Marketers who continue to send the automated messages to Twitter followers risk having their accounts suspended. Read More »
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