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The Genius of Apple's iPhone X Public Relations Strategy

November 2017, Issue #2

Featured Post
The Genius of Apple's iPhone X Public Relations Strategy
Image source: Dennis Jarvis via Flickr
In a new PR strategy, Apple granted YouTube influencers first looks at its new iPhone X. Although mainstream journalists may feel slighted, the strategy succeeded in creating favorable early impressions. With a better understanding of why Apple gave priority to social media, more brands may follow similar strategies. Read More »

Strategic Impact: A New Way to Measure the Business Value of Social Media
Proving how social media improves an organization's ROI can win plaudits from executive leaders - but it's often difficult to determine ROI. Accomplished marketers find ways to demonstrate the value of social media other than reporting ROI. Read More »
How PR & Marketing Can Gain Advantage from Twitters 280-Character Limit
Twitter's new 280-character limit gives communications professionals more space for creativity and more informative tweets. The additional message length may also pose risks. Experts offer ideas to spark creative use of more characters and tips to avoid pitfalls. Read More »
New Research: Fake News Tarnishes Social Media, but Not So Much Traditional Publications
While mainstream news media have retained their credibility despite the proliferation of fake news, reputations of online-only news sites and especially social media have suffered, according to new research. The findings hold important implications for public relations strategies. Read More »
How PR & Marketing Tap the Clout of Affluencers, Well-Off Influencers
Affluent consumers are usually among the first to try new products. They are also savvy shoppers. As others ask them for purchase advice, the affluent influencers - affluencers - exert powerful sway over the spending habits of their network of family and friends. Brands that attract affluencers and gain their loyalty can win substantial PR and marketing advantage. Read More »
The Crisis of PR Crisis Specialists: Their Magic Doesnt Work
Corporations in a crisis situation should be suspicious when PR crisis practitioners say they have all the answers to their problems. The magic of PR crisis specialists often doesn't work. They cannot to any great extent reduce negative press coverage during a PR crisis — but they may have good strategies and techniques on how best to respond. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
11 Potent Reasons to Outsource Media Monitoring & Measurement
Image source: Nick Youngson via Creative Commons
Outsourcing media monitoring and measurement services creates crucial advantages over trying to develop media intelligence in house. Among the pluses of outsourcing: specialized expertise, advanced technology, objective analysis and, surprisingly, lower costs. Read More »
Do Longer Corporate Blog Posts Produce Better Content Marketing Results?
Corporate bloggers are writing long posts - sometimes extraordinarily long, according to a new survey. Many bloggers and PR pros say their long posts and articles generate better results. That indicates that greater investment in research and writing can lead to higher ROI. It doesn't necessarily mean, however, that long posts are always better. Read More »
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