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How Three Brands Recovered from PR Crises: United, Pepsi, Uber

November 2017, Issue #3

Featured Post
How Three Brands Recovered from PR Crises: United, Pepsi, Uber
Image source: Aero Icarus via Wikimedia Commons
New research sheds light onto why some companies can recover from a PR crisis faster than others. How quickly companies rebound depends on several different factors, including the type of crisis and how well the company responds immediately following the crisis. Read More »

Social Media: An Untapped Resource for Improved Employee Recruitment
Improved employee recruiting is one the little known benefits of social media. Leading recruiters analyze how PR and HR can produce more and better job applicants through social media. Read More »
Corporate Reputation Can Impact Amount of Government Regulation
Poor corporate reputations can lead to increased legislation and government oversight. Conversely, strong reputations can help shield companies from government involvement in their industries, new research shows. Read More »
PR Lessons from the Netflix Kevin Spacey Scandal
Netflix's PR crisis caused by sexual harassment accusations against lead actor Kevin Spacey in "House of Cards" offers several lessons for other companies. Read More »
Marketing Strategies Evolve as Consumers Favor Experiences over Things
Many marketers are revising their strategies as consumers spend less on objects and more on seeking exciting experiences. Marketers in many different industries, not just travel, can capitalize on this new environment. Read More »
Surprising Research Finding: Longer Headlines Work Better (but not Everywhere)
Headlines with more words and characters garner better click-through rates on branded content, new research reveals. However, many experts caution that the optimum headline length depends on the marketing channel, as well as the brand's goal and audience. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
The Genius of Apple's iPhone X Public Relations Strategy
Image source: Dennis Jarvis via Flickr
In a new PR strategy, Apple granted YouTube influencers first looks at its new iPhone X. Although mainstream journalists may feel slighted, the strategy succeeded in creating favorable early impressions. With a better understanding of why Apple gave priority to social media, more brands may follow similar strategies. Read More »
Strategic Impact: A New Way to Measure the Business Value of Social Media
Proving how social media improves an organization's ROI can win plaudits from executive leaders - but it's often difficult to determine ROI. Accomplished marketers find ways to demonstrate the value of social media other than reporting ROI. Read More »
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