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5 Reasons to Trash Google Alerts in Favor of a Paid Media Monitoring & Measurement Service

December 2017, Issue #1

Featured Post
5 Reasons to Trash Google Alerts in Favor of a Paid Media Monitoring & Measurement Service
Google Alerts is no longer a viable option for monitoring media mentions of your business or its brands. Because advancement in PR careers depends on media monitoring results, it's wise to choose a paid media monitoring service that produces dependable results and offers integrated monitoring of broadcast news and social media in addition to blogs and online news sites. Read More »

8 PR Pitching Ideas for the Holidays
The holiday season offers a superb opportunity for media pitching, partly because many PR teams go into hibernation. PR pros who send press releases, articles and story ideas during the dark days of winter face less competition for media attention at a time when news publications need more editorial content to balance an increase in advertising. Read More »
How PR Can Navigate the New Risks of Sports Sponsorships
Image source: Mike Mozart via Flickr
As more controversies infiltrate sports, sponsors may need to throw out the old sports marketing playbooks and demand new thinking from PR and marketing firms. Read More »
The Problems with Facebooks Advertising Principles
Facebook reiterated and clarified its advertising principals following criticisms over fake news, discriminatory ads, Russian-sponsored ads designed to sway the election, and other issues. The statement feels like a PR exercise and a defense of its practices. Read More »
New Retargeting Options on LinkedIn Offer Potent Tools for B2B Marketing & PR
With its new retargeting options, LinkedIn may become the preferred social media advertising platform for B2B marketers. While other networks have offered retargeting capabilities for years, LinkedIn offers unique advantages in the B2B sales and marketing realm where nurturing sales leads can be more time-consuming. Read More »
How Social Media Marketing Pumps up PPC Results
Image source: Joe the Goat Farmer
Although pay per click advertising (PPC) can increase traffic to your website, it suffers some inbuilt flaws. Combining social media strategies with PPC can greatly improve results. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
How Three Brands Recovered from PR Crises: United, Pepsi, Uber
Image source: Aero Icarus via Wikimedia Commons
New research sheds light onto why some companies can recover from a PR crisis faster than others. How quickly companies rebound depends on several different factors, including the type of crisis and how well the company responds immediately following the crisis. Read More »
Social Media: An Untapped Resource for Improved Employee Recruitment
Improved employee recruiting is one the little known benefits of social media. Leading recruiters analyze how PR and HR can produce more and better job applicants through social media. Read More »
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