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Paying Contributing Writers for Media Mentions - Unethical but Common

December 2017, Issue #3

Featured Post
Paying Contributing Writers for Media Mentions - Unethical but Common
PR professionals may be shocked when writers request a fee to mention clients in articles, but paying for media mentions has become alarmingly common. Read More »

8 Tips to Add Audio to Your PR & Marketing Mix
Marketing and PR can take advantage of the growing popularity of audio formats including podcasts by creating and promoting more audio content. Audio content marketing can be a valuable PR and marketing venue. Read More »
Another Path to Greater PR Success: Secure Backlinks for Better Search Engine Results
Content creation and PR's storytelling skills can win substantial SEO benefits for their brands. Many PR practitioners don't realize better search engine optimization on the content they produce can produce much higher and more valuable placements in search results. Read More »
New PR Tactic: Hollywood Promoters Plug Earned Media Placements in Social Media Advertising
A Hollywood movie studio shows how to combine advertising and earned media in its promoted tweet campaigns. While the ads won praise in PR and marketing circles, the strategy poses some risks and drawbacks. Read More »
Elements of Effective Facebook Video Marketing
New Facebook research reveals what types of video gain the best marketing results on social media. The research highlights that mobile video requires a different approach. Applying traditional video techniques produces inferior results. Read More »
Longer Tweets Win More Engagement: New Research
Longer tweets gain many more retweets and likes, new research shows. The research shows that criticisms of Twitter's longer limit were overdone and that people need not fear surpassing the old limit. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
How to Respond to (and Prevent) a Sexual Harassment Scandal: Role of PR & Communications
Image source: U.S Army
The proliferation of sexual harassment controversies creates greater challenges for corporate PR departments and PR agencies. Since most American women say they've experienced harassment at work, sexual harassment accusations are likely to increase next year and spread across many industries. Each case will need a sensitive PR response that requires planning in advance. Read More »
Is Organic (Nonpaid) Social Media Marketing Still Viable?
Image source: Wes Schaeffer via Flickr
As leading social media networks crimp companies' organic reach and social media advertising spreads, some PR and marketing experts say organic social media marketing programs can no longer produce positive results. Others argue that nonpaid social media strategies offer benefits that advertising can't. Read More »
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