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10 Steps for PR Success with LinkedIn's Sponsored Content

December 2017, Issue #4

Featured Post
10 Steps for PR Success with LinkedIn's Sponsored Content
In addition to placing content marketing articles, public relations professionals possess the skills and training to produce superb sponsored content for LinkedIn. By writing like a journalist rather than a marketing copywriter, PR can create articles that capture readers' attention and even go viral. Read More »

3 Top PR & Publicity Stunts of 2017
Image source: Anthony Quintano via Flickr
These public relations stunts can offer inspiration to PR and marketing professionals. PR players can get ideas for their own campaigns and learn lessons from the successful PR stunts.Read More »
2017 PR Crises: Repeat Performers Lead the Way
As demonstrated in 2017, once a PR crisis infects an organization, its DNA forever carries the crisis and it can reemerge at any time. Corporations and other organizations that have experienced PR crises need to work hard to eradicate the culture that caused the crisis. Read More »
Facebook to End Engagement Baiting - Some Marketers Will Suffer
Facebook is cracking down on what it calls "engagement baiting," the practice of soliciting reactions (e.g.: like, share) to game its news feed algorithm. Some marketers with Facebook-centric social media strategies will have an unhappy New Year if the network demotes their Facebook Pages and removes their posts from news feeds. Read More »
New Apple Analytics May Transform Podcasting
New podcast analytics can now provide a wealth of information about listening behavior. Advertisers, marketers and PR professionals will be better able to target their messages. Read More »
New PR Pitching Opportunities Emerge from Journalism Trend to Multimedia & Social Media
More journalists are now required to include multimedia content and post stories on social media. As reporters face greater pressures, PR can help relieve their burden and increase the likelihood of media placements by including video and images in their pitches. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Paying Contributing Writers for Media Mentions - Unethical but Common
PR professionals may be shocked when writers request a fee to mention clients in articles, but paying for media mentions has become alarmingly common. Read More »
8 Tips to Add Audio to Your PR & Marketing Mix
Marketing and PR can take advantage of the growing popularity of audio formats including podcasts. Audio content marketing can be a valuable PR and marketing tactic. Read More »
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