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CyberAlert® Launches Netpinions™ Service for Market Intelligence

Service Conducts Custom, Automated, Daily Searches of Internet for News, Reviews, Consumer Opinions, Ideas, and Facts about Companies, Brands, Trends, Issues

STRATFORD, CT — 05/15/01 — CyberAlert LLC has launched Netpinions 1.0, a new online market intelligence service to provide companies with improved visibility into consumer opinion in the marketplace. The service is designed for market research, brand management, and competitive intelligence.

"As a new approach to market intelligence and consumer feedback, Netpinions from CyberAlert offers companies and brand managers an effective and cost-efficient way to get at the heart of news and consumer opinion on brands, trends, issues and competitors by delivering daily reports of new consumer comments posted on the Internet," said William J. Comcowich, president and CEO of CyberAlert. "By closely monitoring consumer discussions on the Internet, Netpinions delivers the most timely possible insights into consumer attitudes and provides early warning of problems, issues and trends about companies and brands."

Netpinions automatically monitors the Internet daily for news, reviews, opinions, attitudes, facts and insights on topics with search terms specified by clients. Search terms can include brand name, issue, trend, product category or other subject. The system gathers and filters news and consumer opinion from more than 4,000 Web publications, over 60,000 message boards and forums, and 5+ million commercial, government, and academic Web sites including corporate attack sites.

"As the world's largest repository of news, reviews and consumer opinion, the Internet is where customers — consumer and B2B — express their most heartfelt opinions about companies, products and services," explained Comcowich. "It is where they state in no uncertain terms their opinions and ideas about product features; it is where trends form; it is where key pieces of news, reviews and market intelligence appear first and can be found most readily; it is where 'buzz' is. As a result, the Internet is today's most important resource for market intelligence and consumer opinion. And, now, with Netpinions from CyberAlert, companies have a comprehensive and cost-effective way to listen to customers on a daily basis and get greater visibility into real-life customer opinions," he said. The daily feedback provides early warning of problems in brand perceptions, product features, positioning, pricing, customer service, distribution channels, trademark infringement, and other aspects of brand management. By systematically capturing and storing news and consumer opinion on a daily basis, Netpinions helps enable companies to make better informed, more timely business decisions.

Combining Best Attributes of Traditional Services

In the past, companies used assorted research services to monitor the media and consumer opinion. These services include newspaper clipping, broadcast monitoring, database research, online news aggregation, and Internet search engines. Separate services make it difficult for researchers to manage, integrate, and analyze the whole body of information. "Netpinions combines the best attributes of these traditional tools into one automated market intelligence and consumer opinion service that provides comprehensive coverage, finely-grained searching for the most relevant information, timely delivery and digital storage of intelligence information for fully-integrated media monitoring," said Comcowich. The automated Netpinions service can save researchers nearly 80% of the time they spend searching the Internet manually for news and consumer opinion on specific subjects, he said.

In designing searches for Netpinions to execute, clients can specify complex Boolean-type search strings with multiple words or phrases.

Real-Life Environment

"Netpinions represents a powerful new tool for market intelligence," said Stephen Blacker, principal, Blacker & Associates, and former Senior Vice President, Market Research for Conde-Nast, Inc. "It represents an important new window into the consumer mind in a real-life environment that delivers untainted consumer opinion. As a new approach to opinion research, it provides up-to-date and ongoing insight into the ever-changing dynamics of consumer opinion about companies and brands. I see a great deal of value and benefit to be gained by corporations using Netpinions to monitor consumer opinion for each of its brands. While the Netpinions service does not gather data in the traditional market research sense, it is an effective and inexpensive way to supplement and enhance more traditional forms of market research. It is especially useful, I believe, in staying current with rapidly changing market situations. Where traditional methods might take weeks or months to obtain results, Netpinions can deliver results within days — and then provide ongoing insight."

Enterprise Database System

Netpinions is designed as an enterprise system. The Netpinions service from CyberAlert features a built-in text retrieval, knowledge management and data mining system, including special features that permit corporate clients to make notations, share retrieved information with colleagues, and apply their standard measurement and content analysis tools to the cached full text database. Information gathered from the Internet by Netpinions can also be integrated with results of other consumer opinion research including surveys and focus groups.

Netpinions is a custom subscription service. Market intelligence reports are delivered daily. A subscription with daily intelligence reports for one topic is $4,865 per year including set-up charges. A search topic can be any Boolean-type query with multiple search terms. During the initial launch period for Netpinions, CyberAlert is offering trials consisting of five Netpinions searches with daily intelligence reports for a total cost of $5,865 for three months.

CyberAlert is in the process of forming strategic alliances with consultants in marketing, market research, and competitive intelligence to market Netpinions for use as a market intelligence and consumer opinion research tool in both consumer and business-to-business markets worldwide.

Additional information is available at

CyberAlert is headquartered in Stratford, Connecticut.

William J. Comcowich
President and CEO
CyberAlert LLC
Phone: 203-375-7200
Fax: 203-375-6699

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Customer Service 1-800-461-7353
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