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CyberAlert Announces New AccuClip™ Express Press Clipping Service

Automated Software Promises Fewer Missed Clips,
Next-Day Delivery, and Lower Cost

  • Editing Assures "Only the Good Clips"
  • Digital Clip Book Enables Archive Searches
  • New Service Challenges Status Quo
Stratford, Conn. — 5/30/02 — CyberAlert LLC, (, a leading provider of monitoring solutions for the public relations and marketing sectors, today announced the launch of AccuClip, a new and technologically-advanced press clipping service that combines the thoroughness of CyberAlert's automated media monitoring system with the accuracy of human-edited clipping services. Because the automated features significantly reduce processing time and labor costs, the new AccuClip service boasts next-day delivery and costs substantially less than the current card rates of major monitoring and clipping services. At the same time, AccuClip largely eliminates the problem of duplicate or irrelevant clips and "mere mentions" that may hamper electronic media monitoring services.

"AccuClip substantially solves the major shortcomings of the traditional press clipping services — missed clips, slow delivery, and high cost," said William J. Comcowich, president of CyberAlert. "Our goal was to take the frustration out of press clipping and to set a new, higher standard of excellence. We've done that. AccuClip is better at finding and filtering clips, delivers clips overnight, supplies far more media coverage than any other edited next-day service, costs less than the traditional press clipping services, and makes it easier for PR and marketing professionals to review, sort and analyze press coverage through a fully-searchable digital clip book."

The Right Clips at the Right Time

The digital searching and indexing system that powers CyberAlert AccuClip works much faster and misses far fewer clips than human readers. In automatically reading the news, the software recognizes nearly every occurrence of key words or phrases specified by the client, according to Comcowich.

From each day's news index, CyberAlert's proprietary filtering software is able to identify relevant clips and sift out the vast majority of extraneous and duplicate articles. Professionally trained editors then filter the found clips, removing any that do not meet client specifications. The software and the editors also eliminate extraneous copy and graphics such as headers for other articles and advertisements that surround the text of "clipped" articles. The multi-layered editing process results in more accurate selection of clips so that clients receive only the right clips that contain only content relevant to the client's search specification. The "good clips" are stored each day in the client's personalized digital clip book. Any clips that a client deems inappropriate can be credited immediately so they will not show up on the monthly invoice, a feature designed to reduce hassles over credits for returned clips.

"The introduction of AccuClip addresses all of the issues that are important to my clients," said Paul Furiga, president of the Pittsburgh-based public relations agency WordWrite Communications.  "AccuClip is fast, delivering results within the same 24-hour news cycle; it's better because you get only the stories you need — not duplicates or unwanted mentions; and it's cost-effective, which is a huge concern with other choices for media monitoring and clipping."

Next Day Delivery

The clips found by CyberAlert AccuClip are delivered the next day — usually in the morning — as digital files ready to be printed out on any standard desktop computer in the client's office. At the client's option, the printed copies can include just the text of the article that is clipped or it can be the exact duplicate of the Web page where the article appears, including all graphics. With one click of the mouse, the client can print out the full text of all the day's clips to create a printed clip book of the day's news. Clients can also print individual clips or forward them by e-mail.

"The introduction of AccuClip represents another stride in media monitoring and clipping technology that the public relations industry needs," said Dan Jacobs, partner, Jacobs & Prosek, a leading Connecticut-based PR agency, "We've worked with CyberAlert for more than a year and have found that their technology catches a wide range of clips, including many non-traditional clips from broadcasters and web-based news organizations. In addition, CyberAlert's standard next day delivery is an extremely important feature for timely analysis of clips and reputation management."

The new AccuClip service challenges the status quo in the PR clipping industry and may well shake up the entire media monitoring industry to make it more responsive to PR customer needs. Its automated searching to reduce missed clips and daily overnight deliveries are long-sought features that provide substantial benefits to PR practitioners.

Worldwide Media Coverage

Each day CyberAlert's AccuClip monitors more than 13,000 news organizations worldwide including news wires, newspapers, magazines, journals, and Web publications. The service also monitors the TV/cable networks and virtually all local TV stations in the United States. The AccuClip Media Monitoring List includes hundreds of publications in the UK, Spain, France, other European countries, and Australia. It also monitors leading publications in the Far East and Latin America. Clients of AccuClip can select the media to monitor by country or subject area. Clients may also specify up to 10 additional publications for CyberAlert to add to its Media List for daily monitoring. The service is capable of searching in all languages using the Latin character set including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Turkish, and others. It does not search languages with other alphabets or characters such as Greek, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The CyberAlert software accommodates advanced Boolean queries with multiple key words, enabling highly specific searches that can virtually replicate the search criteria used by the traditional clipping services.

"In addition to providing the comprehensive coverage and accuracy of traditional press clipping services, AccuClip incorporates substantial added value," contended Comcowich. "The first is more timely delivery of clips — usually the morning after publication. The second is digital storage of the full text of all clips in a digital clip book. It's a valuable time-saver in reviewing, sorting, analyzing, and searching for archived clips." With a digital clip book, clients of AccuClip can do key word searches on their entire file of clips. They can also search their file of clips by publication, by date, and by author. "With digital retrieval, a clipping service becomes far more than a way to collect and count clips; it becomes a powerful tool for data mining, market intelligence, media measurement and competitive intelligence", stated Comcowich.

"The final benefit is substantially lower cost," Comcowich stated. By switching over to AccuClip, most companies can save roughly 30% to 60% on their monthly clipping expenses."

Competitive Pricing

The CyberAlert AccuClip clipping service is priced 30% or more below the current published rates of the standard service of the major press clipping services — and substantially below the next day rates of the established services. The special introductory rate for AccuClip is $189 per month for the reading fee and $1.09 per clip, a savings of between 32% and 71% compared with the published card rates for the major clipping services in the U.S. CyberAlert guarantees the introductory rates for the first 12 months of service for any customer who orders before August 1, 2002.

"Since AccuClip covers all the most important media through the Web editions of print publications, broadcast stations and Internet, many PR departments and agencies can achieve substantial savings by replacing the traditional clipping services with CyberAlert AccuClip," said Comcowich. "Additionally, customers can use the service to substitute for the costly summaries produced by broadcast monitoring companies. The clips that AccuClip produces from TV networks and local stations can be used by PR clients to better judge whether to purchase a videotape of the TV story from a media monitoring service.

Free Trial

As a special promotion to launch the new AccuClip service, CyberAlert is offering a one-month trial for $89 and $0.89 per clip to anyone who signs up for the service during the month of June. CyberAlert is also offering a two-week free trial to the first 30 customers who order the new service. There will be no charge if the customer cancels the order within two weeks and billing will start after the two-week trial. The promotions require payment by credit card. The special promotion phone number is 800-461-7353.

CyberAlert 5.0 and Netpinions™

CyberAlert launched its first automated Internet monitoring service, CyberAlert 5.0, in May 2000. The 3.0 monitoring Service does not include editing and is priced at $395 per month per Boolean search specification with no "per clip" fee and unlimited clips. The CyberAlert 5.0 software is currently used to conduct more than 2,000 searches each day, primarily for wholesale to customers in public relations, marketing, competitive intelligence, market research and infringement monitoring. CyberAlert also offers Netpinions, a monitoring service that tracks daily postings on more than 60,000 Usenet news groups and 25,000+ message boards, discussion groups, and forums on the Web.

Since introducing its automated Internet monitoring software to the PR and marketing marketplace, CyberAlert has formed marketing alliances with major national and international PR services in the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

CyberAlert is an independent, venture-funded, privately held company founded in 1999. The company is headquartered in Stratford, CT. Additional information on CyberAlert AccuClip is available at (

Niki Campbell
PR Consultant
CyberAlert LLC

William J. Comcowich
President and CEO
CyberAlert LLC
Phone: 203-375-7200
Fax: 203-375-6699

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