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CyberAlert Buzz: Integrated Social Media Monitoring Service

CyberAlert Buzz

The all-in-one CyberAlert social media monitoring service is today's most practical and cost-efficient social media tracking service, capturing vital information and consumer conversations. CyberAlert Buzz helps organizations understand what consumers are saying about the company and its products, allowing you to make timely decisions and manage more effectively.

CyberAlert Buzz monitors over 25 million individual social media posts each day from a universe of 190+ million social media sources worldwide.

Clients can choose CyberAlert Buzz for complete coverage on all of the following services, or create a customized package from the services below.

BlogSquirrel 1.0

Blog Monitoring:
BlogSquirrel monitors and searches most every recognized blog in the world in over 50 languages in 191 countries. Best estimate: 190+ million blogs.

Netpinions 2.0
Message Boards, Forums & Usenet Newsgroup Monitoring: Netpinions monitors over 64,000 message boards and forums worldwide on most every possible subject with a special focus on commercial topics. Netpinions also monitors 75,000+ usenet newsgroups and ousts the unsavory newsgroups.

CyberAlert VDO
Social Video Monitoring:CyberAlert VDO searches all new video posts on 200+ video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Twitter Monitoring: CyberAlert continuously monitors every single post and response in Twitter.

Facebook Monitoring: CyberAlert monitors all public posts in Facebook on a continuous basis.

By using CyberAlert Social media monitoring service to automatically search, monitor, "clip", store and manage the full range of social media content, you and your organization can build an effective "early warning system" to identify problems and issues that may threaten corporate or brand reputation … or present new opportunities for business growth.

Bottom Line Benefits:
  • Security of knowing you're on top of all issues affecting your company and brands.
  • Freedom from drudgery of searching social media sites each day.
  • Safety of having clips stored in cloud-based archive with easy access and efficient clip management.
  • Less costly than comparable services.
Carefully monitoring social media and listening to the consumer discussion can produce numerous benefits for companies, brands and not-for-profit organizations. With social media monitoring, organizations can:
  • Track Mentions and Sentiment
  • Monitoring placements and mentions in all social media including social networks, video sharing sites, blogs, message boards and forums can provide clear measures of the reach and impact of PR or marketing campaigns. Assessing the social media mentions can provide an illuminating gauge of what people think about the organization and its brands, and what may need attention.

  • Identify Outreach Opportunities
  • In social media, important conversations about each industry and product category take place in many different locations, not just Facebook and Twitter. Media monitoring can locate the most important conversations, identify the influential individuals within the conversations, and reveal their perspectives and positions. By monitoring and listening carefully to the online conversation, you enhance your ability to engage constructively in any conversation about your industry, company, brands or issues of importance - and you know where best to focus your efforts.

  • Gain Better Insight into Corporate or Brand Reputation
  • Monitoring consumer comments in social media for mentions of your corporate and brand names provides valuable insight into the level of interest in and perception of your organization and its products. Most social media commentary is delivered in unvarnished language, thereby providing an illuminating gauge of exactly what people think about the organization and its brands. The straight-forward consumer feedback in social media can help identify corporate or brand issues that may need to be addressed.

  • Identify Customer Service Issues and Enhance Customer Service
  • Social media has given consumers leverage against companies by giving them a forum to complain publicly. Research shows that customers now expect social media responses to social media complaints - and they want them quickly. Monitoring social media on a near continuous basis can identify product or service problems, and enable quick corrective action.

  • Generate Sales Leads
  • Customers who are ready to buy often use social media to seek recommendations for products or services. Monitoring social media for words that describe a product category will often turn up those highly qualified leads.

  • Spot a Brewing Crisis
  • Listening to the social media conversation about your company, brand and industry can provide early warnings of a developing crisis. Media monitoring can turn up patterns of negative comments as they start to develop before they go viral.

  • Gather Competitive Intelligence
  • It's amazing how much intelligence about competitors you can gain by monitoring their corporate and brand names in social media. Often the competitive intelligence you find on social media is not available anywhere else.

Nobody Monitors Social Media Better than CyberAlert

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Social Media Monitoring and Clipping: Free Trial

Get started today! Order your No-Risk 14-day FREE TRIAL of CyberAlert Buzz - Social Media Monitoring and Clipping Service Now! Monitor your own key words in 150+ million blogs, message boards, forums, social video sites, Facebook and Twitter for all posts containing your key words. Get a daily email report of all new posts and access to an online dashboard and social media clip archive. Zero cost. No credit card is required to test our social media monitoring, tracking and clipping service. No automatic billing. No fine print

For an online demo of the service, call 203-375-7200.
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