“We have been using CyberAlert for many years and have found their team to be responsive and helpful, even with last-minute requests. Delivery of their data is both flexible and consistent and the quality of the data for the price is second to none. CyberAlert offers Millward Brown excellent value for money together with a good breadth and depth of coverage for blogs, message boards and discussion groups.”
Fergus Hampton
MB Precis
“Bill Comcowich and his CyberAlert team have been brilliant over the last 5 years we have worked together. As an Analysis Agency we must work with all of our client’s many suppliers, so we can state clearly that technically his service is the best in the world; he reaches more publications, deeper and more comprehensively than any of his competitors. But just as important is their customer support. Whether setting up new searches, adding new publications, or tracking down a problem, the CyberAlert team do what is needed to keep their ‘mission critical service’ online and in top quality. I unreservedly recommend CyberAlert and their services to any client.”
Michael Ferland
Managing Director
Media Proof
“CyberAlert has saved us countless hours of searching through domestic and international news articles, blogs and photos in order to support our customer's needs. Their staff is extremely responsive and always knows what to suggest to make voluminous data collection a bit easier.”
Cubic Applications, Inc.
Media Analysis Center